Shannon Breen

Founder, Managing Director and coach

Shannon’s unique approach to training and movement has been strongly shaped by her own experiences within high-level sport, rehabbing her own injuries and her experiences with clients over the last 10 years. The challenges these experiences provided are what drove Shannon’s passion for healing and strengthening the body. Her holistic approach to training acknowledges that everything within the body and the person is connected. Shannon has formed a necessary extremely high attention to detail in movement observation, anatomy and understanding the impact of life outside the gym. Most importantly, she has developed sensory acuity in receiving the body’s feedback. Shannon works with the individual and uses this feedback to map out a case by case plan of action. She is passionate about assisting people as they move closer to strength, balance and awareness within their body. The goal; optimisation for each individual through achieving a state of balance, in the body and in life. Shannon is currently completing her final semester in a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Canberra. Shannon’s existing qualifications include; Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Certified Communication Code consultant, Sports medicine Australia sports trainer, ASADA level 1 affiliation and certificates III & IV in fitness.

Jordan Cremerius


Jordan has 10 years experience in the health and fitness industry after developing a love for it later during his Tertiary education at St Edmunds College. Following graduating from College Jordan completed his Bachelor in Exercise Science/Sports Coaching and Human Nutrition in 2017 from the University of Canberra. Jordan is constantly looking to improve his skillset and looking at a return to university in 2021.

His passion for coaching started just after College when he started working as a swimming coach for children. Seeing their minds soak up the information and bodies develop skills so quickly gave him a sense of gratification that couldn’t be matched. Since then Jordan has worked in a number of different coaching environments and for the past two years Jordan has been living and working in London. Through that time he has worked with people in personal training and group fitness sessions and reinforced his love for helping people achieve their goals and performing their best.

His love for health and fitness doesn’t stop there though. He has been involved with a number of sporting communities including swimming and basketball, however his true passion is with Rugby Union. Jordan has played at elite levels in the ACT and has been an active member, both as a player and coach, of community rugby in Queanbeyan since leaving school.

Jordan believes and encourages having an active lifestyle to ensure that we get the most out of life.

Nicole Leadbetter


Nicole has been a personal trainer and group fitness instructor for coming up to eight years.

Growing up, Nicole loved to get involved in every sport she was exposed to, especially basketball and athletics.

Prior to entering the fitness industry, Nicole participated in a number of bodybuilding competitions. Despite enjoying some success, Nicole realised that having purely aesthetic goals was neither a healthy nor fulfilling driver for training.

Coming in to the industry, Nicole found her purpose in building communities and making movement be an enjoyable experience. To Nicole, these factors are hugely important in breaking barriers to consistency with training.

Nicole’s training style focuses on getting the body moving well through all planes of motion to optimise training performance and prevent injury. She especially loves mobility and stability work.

Outside of the gym, Nicole enjoys spending time with her chihuahua Andre, watching NBA basketball, and collecting sneakers. Nicole is also continuing her learning, studying a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science.

Nikki Fiocco

Administration & Member Manager

Nikki is an Exercise Physiology student at the University of Canberra. She is passionate about health, fitness and plant based nutrition.

She was inspired by her own personal trainer, love of strength training and fascination of the human body to pursue a career in the fitness industry and study EP. As an aspiring EP, Nikki looks forward to helping others find joy and healing through exercise and nutrition.

Outside of studying and training, Nikki enjoys cooking and baking healthy treats, climbing mountains, relaxing at the beach and finding waterfalls.

John Raineri


John's approach to teaching and training comes from delving into the works of Paul Chek (Holistic Health Practitioner), Kelly Starrett (Becoming a Supple Leopard Author), Wim Hof (Cold exposure and Breathwork), Gary Ward (Anatomy in Motion), David Grey (Physiotherapist) and many others. Incorporating all of these methodologies to address missing or weak movement patterns.

The main aim of John's coaching is to train without pain and to heal the body. This is achieved through different approaches and understanding the clients concerns and history. After dealing with a serious back injury and managing it successfully over the last few years, John has gained a huge amount of empathy and understanding around managing pain and working towards liberating oneself from it.

John has trained in the Ido Portal Movement Method for the last 2 years which includes handstands and mobility, floor work (inspired by dance, capoeira and tricking), gymnastics strength and conditioning, and has trained for 10 years previous to that in many modalities such as bodybuilding, powerlifting and soccer. This has given him exposure too many different ways of moving and an insight into the power of movement as not only therapy but also to improve one's strength, coordination, mobility and physical intelligence.

John is currently in his 2nd year of a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at UC, and holds his Cert III & IV in Fitness.

Abbey Rywak


Abbey-Rose has been in the fitness industry for over 12 years. In this time, she has worked in various environments, which lead her to take a more holistic approach to fitness, health and training. Abbey is currently studying for a Bachelor in Physiotherapy and is passionate about helping individuals live better lives through movement and health education. Abbey has also graduated A bachelor in Exercise Science and completed many other courses such as TRX suspension training, Sports Nutrition and Precision Nutrition course, Chek Holistic Level 1 Practitioner course to help her provide the best service to her clients. When Abbey isn’t training clients or studying, she is either in the gym working on strength, practicing handstands, walking her dog, enjoying catching a few waves or at the snowy mountains.